Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nothing to see here

No pics No kits started nothing really going on.
Hopefully Sometime this week I can start on Exia. I kinda been stumped on how I want it to look but I should start soon.
Still no MG Unicorn OVA with Cage anywhere that I want to order from.

I plan on buying this though :

Anyone have any experience with SAGE products or this store? Seems pretty cool though.


  1. What I can tell you about SAGE's stuff is that they make resin kits - unless you're Gundam modding level is pretty above average, I'd say stay away from any resin kits until you've got enough tools and confidence.

    And about the store - its a good store in general. Stocks on a bunch of resin kits, which is nice. They also have a few kits for somewhat lower prices, so thats always a plus.

  2. From what they tell me its regular moded plastic pieces for Kshatriya so I'm gonna grab it :-)