Monday, April 5, 2010

HeroMan Ep 1

Ok I don't have the actual episode on my computer at work although ill try to get more shots later but w/e.
First of all I am a HUGE HUGE fan of Mecha. So if you slap a robot in it and some cool fight scenes and a decent story (sometimes not even a good story) I'll watch it just for the cool robots. Well this time I peeked at Heroman.

Now first of all this anime was made by Bones & Stan Lee. You can even see him in the anime! lol. The story seems a bit cliche but still good. Young man seems like a failure (he's not as sappy as lets say Shinji or Simeon from GL Season 1 lol) then he gets a robot and fights aliens lol I will sum it up that way just because I urge you to watch at least ep 1.

Next episode I think we will see more fighting. I love the animation of the series so far. HeroMan looks pretty cool and the characters look good hopefully this turns out to be a pretty good series, and hopefully It won't hurt my pockets buying the merchandise ^_^


  1. So far, its not bad. I'm a big fan of BONES so I'll probably stick this one out.(unless it really goes to the crapper. FYI- I rarely drop shows though and give most shows a benefit of the doubt so hope heroman doesn't let me down^^)

  2. Its hot so far I mean im a big robot fan so unless it gets really crappy which it seems its not I will stick with regardless. I wonder what the merchandise is gonna be like