Thursday, February 12, 2009

2 Days Before Katsucon & More

2 Days till I loose almost 100+ dollars out my account. That is all.

Nah really though I can't wait hopefully everything goes as planned but we will see!
Almost done my Astray Red Frame couple bad things happened though:

1)I can't find one of the hands :( I can't remember if it wasnt there or if I just lost it. hopefully its not the left hand that holds the sword its one of the two closed hands :-(
2) I broke one of the arm bands but it might still fit on its really small so if anything I can probally glue it to the arm. :(

I think thats it lol. I pained (off the runner) the Red Pieces and the Black Pieces they look fabo. I'm not painging the bottom of the boots like I did for 00 and I'm not painting the white like I did for 00. I did trim down the nubs everywhere before I painted so thats ok. Tonite or tomorrow I will be putting him together. Oh! And I didn't even bother taking the sword out because I'm going to wait till I get gundam markers and color the sword. So when im done he will just have the gun and shield and regular beam sabers (which looks cool).

Now for all you readers (if any) I would like to post up this question;
Which Model do you want to see me do next?

Exia Avalanche
Astrea Type F
Astray Blue
Strike Gundam
Sword Impulse

Master Grade's

GN Archer

Astray Red

Till I figure out how to make polls on my site i'll just leave it you to you guys to comment or send me a email @

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