Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lets do this

So I went to my hobby store last night and picked up the rest of my arsenal:
100_0925 So now im looking at using these all for my two kits
Matt White * GunMetal Black * Metallic Red * Metallic Blue
Clear Red & Green
I personally wanted silver to look more metal for the grey parts but my friend Vic recommended
GunMetal Black. I don't know if you can tell by this pic but it looks pretty sexy.
So last night I only got a chance to spray the Grey Runners and the White Runners which came out supurb
All thats left is the Blue Runner and the Red runner I might start on those before I go to the meeting tonite and apply a second coat when I go to bed. Here is a pic of the Blue runner without paint
So everything turned out great, my plans are to finish up the blue and red runners then panel line then paint the clears and assemble. I'm on the fence on weither or not I should touch up the nub marks after I put the whole thing together or should I do it before. Leave a comment and let me know :-)
The over all experience was pretty good though box was fantastic and the artwork on the instruction manual was hot Ill keep posting up pics as I go. I probaly won't have a finished pic until I grab some decals and the action base (hopefully I can get the base from Katsucon)

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