Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lack of updates who cares!!!! ^_^

Does anyone really read my blog? No seriously? lol shoot me a e-mail if you do
But with the Katsucon convention being over I am planning my next strike in silence! I have three or four models I have to put together :

Avalanche Exia
Astrea Type F
SD 00
SD Destiny (Haven't brought yet)

But let me explain why I haven't done so yet. When I originally started I had 4 can's
of paint. Now I have like 2 full can's (white and maybe red) and I think my blue and I know for sure my gunmetal grey/black is almost gone. So I need to buy more supplies and I didn't to do a half job. So I'm sitting here waiting I get paid next week so I'm going to order these things from GSAM:

1)Gundam Seed Gundam Marker Set
I can use this to touch up my SD kits and the V Fin on 00 is white :-( so I need the yellow for that.

2)SD Destiny
Self Explanitory. But just to add whats up with bandai? They pack the SD with the "butterfly wings" 1/144 has them, then 1/100 has nothing and of all things the Master Grade 1 doesn't have them, But the Full Burst zomg jizz on yourself 80+ dollar version has them? Marketing scheme?

3)3 Action Base Stands
Need these for when I get my display case next week also.

So I'm kinda waiting for those things to come in before I do anything. But I think I want to start taking everything apart and removing the nubs so I might do that this weekend. I have alot of anime I need to catch up on too and games keep getting released. Crazy thing is I'm running out of space on my computer so I need to grab a new hard drive as well. So I'm just trying to weigh out everything as far as spending.

Oh and I'm tryin got sell my DS Lite if anyone is interested shoot me a e-mail

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