Monday, February 23, 2009

Gundam 00 SD Mini Review

First of all its a nice kit. Definitely worth the monies. It was so easy to build and he looks so hot being that small. GN Drives look great. I opted to color the jewel in his forehead clear red, it comes light or clear green with the words Gundam 00 in the middle, and a metallic red sticker. I used the red sticker and then painted the jewel clear red and it came out nicely. I kept the clear green and used the green metallic stickers for the insides of his head alone because I didn't want them being too green. And that came out pretty nicely as well.
One piece of warning though the V fin the yellow part is a sticker it comes all white when u unpack it which is so stupid but I guess it helps with the cost. I tried adding like yellow highlighter on the runner and it didn't look good. So I didn't want to leave him neked so I grabbed the stickers and surprisingly it came out pretty good. I made sure I smoothed everything out so there wouldn't be any bumps or anything. All in all there was stickers on the V Fin the vents in the chest the eyes the jewel and the side orbs. The only thing I didn't like about the SD kit was the fact that the GN Daggers are all blue so I have to paint the dagger whenever I get some Gundam Markers and I don't even know if the GMarkers will fit in those hard to reach areas. And the GN Sword/Gun was all grey I only had a problem with the blade being grey, but thats easy to spray over so I'll take care of that later. But in the end I didn't need those things to pose 00 since I got him in GN Shield mode, Which is in the picture above. Great kit though if you like SD's definite buy.

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