Monday, February 9, 2009

Ok I think I don't have enough time on the weekends to do a full desciption and stuff for the blog. Even though I posted up some teasers from my cell and etc I wanted to post a big more and share my flickr album:

Ok now on to the pictures!

This one showcases the Clear Green I painted on the 00 it really makes a difference in the style and makes it look nice, I di dthis on the legs/arms/and head. Wasn't as hard as I thought I thought it would be.

Red Clear painted on the head which was waaaaay better than the stupid sticker. Out of everything I think the only sticker I used was for the eyes. I tried putting the Grey sticker on the Sword/Gun's didnt look so good, so I took it off. Whenever I get a chance I want to buy some clear blue and paint those but for now its just clear.

I also painted clear the Double GN drives I don't have any batteries so I haven't taken any pics of the GN drives lit up once I get some CR1222 I believe they are ill take more pics in the dark.

Heavy Arms has a friend now so I only thought it was right to pose them together, last post I showed them together where 00 had a different pose.
My Thoughts,
I really haven't done a model in awhile I think Heavy Arms Custom was at least 5 years +, and I had forgotten how cool these models are and how cool it is to put them together. So many pieces, I found myself going I don't know how this looks like a leg and then when I put it together im like oh snap thats hot. If I were to rate the kit I would give it a 10/10 everything works the way I want it to, I think if I didnt paint it i would still be happy with this kit. I paided like 27 bucks for it from Gundam Store and More and it was worth all 27 dollars. I think ill love the kit even more once I get the batteries and fire up the the drives AND get a action base. Granted 00 has some nice ground poses but he belongs in the sky. Next Kit will be 1/100 Red Astray, and hopefully Katsucon will have more models. I'll make a new wish list in a couple hours see you then!

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