Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 1 and Gashapon'S!!!!111one

So day one out of Katsucon and its time to unbox/assemble what I got. So far I figured I would start on the Gashapon's
Fairly easy to put together and they look really cool. I still have my SD haruhi to put together and my big one which
I'm pretty sure will stay in its box till I pick up this beauty from Ikea end of the month:
DETOLF 59.99
Ok back on trach the Gashapon's Here is my mini review on the Strike Freedom & Spider-Man Gashapon
First you start with them in a bag (maybe different else where?)
Then you get all these pieces:
Assembly isn't that hard and really easy to figure out no manuals or anything only thing that came with it besides
these peices was this:
So what do they look like when they done?
My Impressions:
Very nicely detailed the Spidey one was my fav (I love spider-man) and the only problem I had was the choice of putting that stick he sits on like spack dab in his butt it just looked so wierd lol but its still hot nontheless. I liked the little fake city that was added as well. Definitely worth the 5 bucks I paided for it. Then we come to Strike Freedom (I say strike cause you can see little gold colors on hands and joints correct me if im wrong) which came out extremely nice. Its not the most detailed like a MG model but still looks nice the wings are great too. There is some detail that shouldn't be there but you can see they took pride in making this.
Alot of detail for a small cheap toy. Both are nice I will definitely go buy some more Gashapon's. Going to look for NoNo!

As Always more pics in the photobucket http://s25.photobucket.com/albums/c100/mrcapcom/BlogStuff/

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