Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday's Post - Moving Forward

PhotobucketOk so now we got that mini review out the way... feel free to e-mail me any questions or anything. I will be taking some more shots high res later funny how my Lg Dare 3.2 MP camera takes better photos in the dark than my Kodak 10 MP. Well ill take more pics sometime tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully I will be getting somethings this weekend. Most of you guys/gals (girls come here?) voted on Destiny so if money permits I'm going to pick up SD Destiny and MG Destiny. I wanted SD Destiny because of the wings of light, but for some reason the MG got skipped for Wings of Light unless you buy the Extreme Burst Mode and its Extreme price tag. So I will be getting the regular not so extreme Master Grade Destiny and the SD Destiny with Wings of Light. Here is a list of what I hope to order this weekend

Master Grade Destiny Gundam
SD Destiny Gundam
Gundam Seed Markers
3 Clear Action Stands
IKEA Display Case

Gundam Store and More is doing a update the next couple days, and they suppose to be adding a buyers club or something. Hopefully if they do we will see some more discounts. If money permits I will have all these and I will probally do the SD one first only because its so easy to make them too me like 2 hours (kids were playing and watching around me) And when I do the MG I will make sure I take alot of pics and write up somethings to show you guys what MG is all about. First priority though is to grab the Display Case as everyone can see my printer is getting full lol and I need somewhere to put everything. GMarkers are next because I can't touch anything up with out them. Action stands are next because hehe 00 looks so much better on a stand in flight. So hopefully I will have the cash and I can buy everything if not then ill get SD/Markers/1 or 2 Action Stands and the Ikea Display and ill grab MG Destiny next week.

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