Thursday, February 26, 2009

Brain Wracking

So I called up Gundam Store and More(GSAM) and turns out they are updating there website sometime between Thursday 2-26-09 to Wed of next week. So I'm going to try and hold off buying my kits this weekend only because they are suppose to be doing price matching and adding a buyers club. ^_^ So hopefully I can wait and get some new deals plus they get there new shipments every month so those new things will come up on the site as well alil around the 1st. And at least we can see what the results of the poll are going to be for my next to build model. That will also influence what I'm going to buy next. I already have my eye on the Master Grade Destiny Gundam. And its so great because

a) I love winged gundams
b) I love gundams with swords (Antiaircraft sword anyone?)
c) I will be my first Master Grade

So Destiny has a lot going for it. And I will be picking up my Gundam Markers and such that I posted before. So hopefully everything works out.
On another note Otakon is coming! July 17th-19th, 2009 and although thats like what 5 months and some change away gotta start planing as far as pre registration. We plan on going up the day and coming back since its so close which is cool with me. I gotta find out the logistics of everything probally later on tonite. I was really really trying to catch up on my models but I think I want to wait for my gundam markers to finish some details. I really want to get Astrea Type F completed as well.
That ends my blog for today I will have something special up by the weekend keep checking the blog :-)

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