Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Picked up my Tamiya Paints! Got some so so pictures of them. I got Metallic Blue and Clear Red and Green and some Paint Thinner for the Clears. I got everything from a local hobby shop called Hobby Town. I swear I went past that place a million times and never went in but always wanted to .
I took my son with me he loved the models and they had this huge stuffed dog he wanted of course I wasn't buying but I let him play with it till we left. Everything came to around 19-20 bucks, guess u can take off 1.99 for the rubber ducky i brought my son so probally around 18. I'm going to go back to the store tonite and grab Metallic Red and Matte White. Then I should be all ready to do this. I going to get a empty box from my job to do the spray paint job in and I think that should be it. Will keep you guys posted!

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