Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quick Video Game Round Up

I don't think I have ever made any Video game posts so heres my first one, a couple one sentence reviews on some games.

50 Cent: BoTS
Great Game worth at least a rent too much cursing though had to mute my tv while playing.8/10 9/10 with out cursing
Easy Achivements BTW

Ninja Blade
Hot Game nice moves its often called the poor mans Ninja Gaiden. You can customize your colors and stuff upgrade weapons etc great game. Meh Achivements

Eat Lead
Weak. Good for achivements

Street Fighter IV
Hottest fighting game go get it or die trying (see what I did thar?)

I have some other games but I just haven't gotten to them yet. I gotta help my cousin with Fiddy coop achivements maybe collect the medals and I'll think of starting a new game. Next on my list is:

TomClancy's HAWX
Halo Wars
Star Ocean

So I'll write some mini reviews of those once I play them for a bit. I'm waiting for Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2. Lookiing forward to the old Gundam units and the new ones which include:
Strike Freedom
Infinite Justice
Looks to be a good game I 1000/1000 the first one so I'm going to quit all games until I get my 1000/1000 in that just cause its that fun to me lol

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