Saturday, March 14, 2009

Destiny Gundam MG - Complete

Before I kick off this written review let me show you the pic of all new poses and everything. Looks so sweet:
Sexy ain't it?
Photobucket Ok so this picture is the whole kit notice the silver on his hand omg is this the Extreme Burst Mode Destiny? No its not. Just a little bit of painting with my dollar store brushes and Tamiya Chome Silver paint ($3.35) and bam makes the hand look awesome!
Photobucket Painted the kit with Red Metallic and Blue Metallic and GunMetal.
Photobucket I kinda messed up on the black part of the wing for some reason it ran kinda bad when I sprayed it but still looks good later ill buy a litle bit of gunmetal and paint over it.
Photobucket 00 using Destinys beam pink thingy. I didnt get around to panel lining Destiny but he looks just as good with out it.
Photobucket MG hands on the bottom I built the kit with those hands in mind then I came up with the idea of painting just the Open hand chrome and I ran with that I ended up painting both hands thats the right hand ill use it for something else maybe. Was thinking of putting both hands on destiny but i was like meh might look stupid.
Photobucket Destiny's Shield next to astray's shield. The shield is nice too bad I can't use it like in the picture of the MG box. But maybe another time.
Photobucket Yea I know blurry but I broke Stellas stand and Shin well they are going into the weapon graveyard. (ill post a pic later)
Photobucket More Close ups
Photobucket Top shot
Photobucket The Stand is really nice that came with it you figure 10 for the stand and about 40 for the kit not bad for 50 bucks.
Photobucket Slightly darker picture so you can see everything.

Ok ill try and write more later this is just to get the pics up for you guys holla


  1. nice destiny...but as for me since im more of a destiny fan over strike have to get the special version with the wings of light cuz to me its not destiny without them

  2. lol yea well I couldnt justify 70 bucks for the Mg Destiny EBM plus I GSAM wouldn't have any in stock till a month later