Monday, March 9, 2009

Semi Final List

Ok so after looking at everything gundam with my cousin I started to think hmm how many other models do I want? And where would I stop at? I probally don't have much room on my shelf after Destiny and such so I figured I would make a quick list of gundams I would want, and I wanted to share with you guys/gals.

First of all I want all 4 gundams from 00 Gundam

Mr Bushido's Final Gundam (he keep getting upgrades so w/e they release I would like to get)
RX-78 0 Gundam (Watch ep 22... I didn't but I hear he's in it)

Then I want possibly 4 Gundams from Seed Destiny

Mg Force Impulse
Mg Strike Freedom
Mg Destiny (on its way)
Mg Infinite Justice (maybe)

Then Maybe 1 SD
SD Destiny Gundam ^_^

And my last 3 would be
Mg God Gundam
Mg RX-78 OYW
Mg Wing Gundam

So far thats all I can think that I would want and once I get all of those ill probally slow down on buying kits or just stop all together. But thats alot to build though thats somewhere around a year's worth time maybe of building. I only plan on buying 1 or 2 kits, depending the price, a month so we will see.

On another note I got a lot of subscribers on the weekend thanks a bunch to those who subscribed. My laptop is still waiting to be repaired the Dell repair guy came out and turns out my video card wasnt bad it was my mobo so I gotta wait for that to get fixed. I have been busy with somethings so I havent been able to take more pics and make a video but its in the works I got everything ready so keep checking back!

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