Monday, March 23, 2009


Ok what the buisness is?
Been playing my 360 alot lately RE5 is so sweet. Anywho polls seem to be pointing towards SD Destiny. So I'm going to grab that end of the month from Gundam Store and More. Hopefully they get there act together and update the site. Great company fast shipping but there website updates are terrible. I called and some guy told me the site has the new products but they aren' t there u have to search. I suppose they have like some type of database for intake and the website pulls from there (just a guess). I know they do have 1/144 GN Archer im really tempted to get it.

But as it stands right now I plan on buying the following:

MG Force Impulse
SD Destiny

I think thats it for now. I still have avalanche Exia which ill try to tackle sometime this week. I think im going to wait for some new kits to come out after MG Force and Destiny but there are still some more kits I would like though. So we will see what comes out. I might end up ordering from HLJ :-( and waiting for it to come. Well thats all I can think about. I'll post later on today gotta get to work ^_^

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