Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gundam Wednesday!

I just realised that I used that title before and I also got my gundams on wed before... deja vu!!
Anywho later on today (or at least thats what UPS tells me) I should be getting my action stands gundam markers and wait for it...... MG Destiny Gundam! Sorry for the lack of updates lately, been busy with this thing called life im pretty sure most of you guys/gals have heard of it :-) j/k Anywho hopefully everything goes well and I get my package and I'm aiming towards taking pictures. I got a lot of great ideas for MG Destiny and hopefully I can make them come tru.
I also have been drooling over MG Force Impulse

Looks so Sexy so I might pick that up along with either SD Destiny or SD Force Impulse but we will see. My cousin was going to pick up somethings and I would just throw my order on his and give him the money. Ill update when the goods come ^_^
Laptop still down :-(

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