Thursday, March 12, 2009

SD 00 Gundam Mini Review

Here is my mini Review of SD Gundam 00
The Kit comes in a small box pretty good artwork:
(Got Image from a random google search)

Open the box got a bunch of baby runners looked really nice. Don't have any pictures but maybe ill do some later but I figure everyone knows what runners look like.

Took me about 2 hours to finish with kids jumping on my back and etc lol. Turned out pretty good though.
I painted the jewel Clear Red and the V Fin is a sticker but since I just got my gundam markers ill make it yellow with that but the sticker did its purpose though. The top of the sticker didnt stick well but meh its SD its not like its a MG. Used stickers for eyes and I think thats about it for stickers here. Did some nice panel lining which made him look alot better.
I left the orbs in the head stock just used a sticker and the clear green disc that goes over it looked nice to me. I might do clear green but I kinda liked what it came with. GN drives came with the little cup looking thing to go into them so it would look light green on the inside. I might grab the Exia version just to have it compared alongside this and I do have Avalanche Exia so it works out ^_^
This is the back nothing much if u notice u can see the little cup things i was talking about where the GN drives are. Well from the instruction book what I can make out is that he like flips the drives up like guyver or tekknoman and shoots a beam or makes a shield who knows I guess that was the "gimmick" for it lol pretty cool though.

In the end its a great kit I definitely think I'm going to buy SD's for all my major gundams. I love the way the look and my son loves playing with them. Later on I might touch him up some more with Gundam Markers but he's cool as is.So if you like SD's its a must buy.

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