Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Update on things

So for one my laptop is back up but I gotta do a full restore and reinstall Windows 7. So ill try and take care of that today.
I added 4 new videos to my youtube page ^_^
Talking Reviews

Astrea Type F
00 Gundam
Destiny Gundam
Astray Red

I know I know my camera sucks but at least its something. I'm in the market for a HD camera once I find one thats not uber expensive ill grab it. This Friday or so I'm planing on ordering these:
G Marker Metallic Blue (If anyone has this please email me a pic of what it looks like, I'm really hoping it matches my metallic blue tamiya paint. If it does it can speed up me making my models because I can use the blue pen to color the nubs.
G Marker Gold (For future projects and right now mainly for Astray golds sword sheeve (bad spelling)
G Marker Grey (for general grey nub color overs)
SD Destiny
And one mystery Gundam could be 1/144 could be 1/100 could be a MG I dunno :-)
Maybe a Action Base

I'm not sure if I will get the mystery gundam but its a high possiblity I will. But if anything I'm definitely getting SD Destiny. My next project however will be Avalanche Exia. I am really looking forward to building this kit and I need to finish up building the weapons for Astrea Type F. Once I finish all my kits I plan on going back thru and finishing up some details I know 00 and Astray have no panel lining so ill dust them off if any dust is there and do some panel lining. Once they all looking sexy ill start buying more but I will say I am running out of space on my shelf lol So we will see.

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