Monday, March 30, 2009

Thats how Celestial Being Rolls

First of all I gotta spill out some liquor for the fallen and everyone knows what I'm talking about. Yes the ending of Gundam 00, and you watched GSS Subs did you notice Lockon saying thats how Celestial being rolls? If he really said that he just got a multitude of cool points for that phrase alone. Anywho my breif blarg of the last episode.

It was fantastic. Its a cash cow waiting to be milked I know personally im grabbing the MG Exia once it comes out and w/e version of ribbons MS as well. (pictured below I grabbed them from Random Curiosity) Ending was really pulled together no loose strings unlike Destiny (haven't watched ova's yet), although I liked Destiny. They made room for a movie dunno what the whole Jupiter thing has to do with it. My guess is that either they will take up arms to fight aliens or Ribbons has something there or Schindigg has another humanity test there. But anywho lots of actino Season two I personally don't buy DVD's but I will get this on DVD/Blu Ray when its availble. Gundam 00 goes in my top 10 anime now

As far as Gunpla, I did grab 3 kits over the weekend from AnimeKing (a ebay store) I wanted the clear or clear green stands but noooo they had to be sold out so here is what I got:

1/100 NG Arios (Second in the poll)
SD Destiny Gundam (First in the poll)
1/144 Gadessa

Never had a 1/144 before I always wanted my first 1/144 to be Hazel Custom from HGUC but I saw a friends Gadessa and was like wow that looks really nice. I'm prepared to be smacked in the face on how small it may be but who cares maybe this will bring a new found appriciation for 1/144 HG kits for me. I try to stay away from them but I figured Gadessa would be one of those kits that never gets a 1/100 version.

One last thing I brought before I end this post though. On ebay I won a HCM Arios+GNArcher that im going to give my son as a present so once that gets in ill do a mini review before he destroys it lol.

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