Friday, March 6, 2009

Do a Barrel Roll

Sorry for the quiet time this week. I have been busy with alot of things. I also did order somethings from gundamstoreandmore which are:

MG Destiny Gundam (u voted for it ... and I wanted it lol)
3 Clear Action Base Stands (now 00 and Astrea Type F can do fly poses, I'm still debating on weither or not I will have Red Astray doing a fly pose or not, but if anything ill give it to Avalanche Exia.)
Gundam Destiny Markers (to help with Destiny and my gundam collection overall)

I have been trying to figure out why my camera is taking such bad pictures lately so soon as I fix that ill make some video reviews and some more pictures.

My work laptop just crashed out and killed the gfx card so I called dell to get it fixed. I had 3 days left on my warranty lol. Anywho hopefully next week ill be back up now im on this crappy laptop.

Now to play the waiting game for my stuff from GSAM, I'm starting to really like MG Freedom or Strike Freedom so that might be my next grab after I finish Destiny and Avalanche. And seeing what the result is from the current poll.

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