Monday, March 2, 2009

March Phase 1

Lol Just got finished watching some Gundam Seed Destiny and I just thought it was funny that they name all the episodes like Attack the Whatever! Phase (insert number) so that's kinda where the title came from. Anywho on to what I'm here for blogging!
I have a bunch of stuff to tell unfortunely I can't show for the fact that I wasn't feeling good on the weekend after hours. I went out in field service and to the hall but afterward I was super tired.
I made a futile attempt to mobile blog and my phone was acting stupid, I typed out a good nice and long blog for you readers and it wouldn't let me send it. Maybe it was because I was in Jersey (insert random Jersey joke), House takes place in Jersey... anyway umm lets start off by something I noticed Sunday morning. Guess what?? The poll has ended! So lets see the results (I'll leave them up for awhile but just in case)

14 People Voted lol hehe 1 of them was me I don't remember what I picked though.
6 for Destiny ( was kinda mad I didn't put in what grade but ill explain that later)
1 for Freedom (Lulz)
0 for Exia and Astray Blue (They can wait plus I might not get Exia all together)
2 for Astrea Type F (boo I got it from Katsucon so auto win for him)
3 for Sword Impulse (Read later on why I'm happy this didn't win)
2 for Virtue ( I love Virtue but lately he has been looking kinda bland pluse hes expensive because I would get the Virtue/Nadeleeh combo or Seravee/phim)

Destiny won so sometime (whenever GSAM gets updated) I will be ordering if the website isnt updated by wed I'm gonna just buy it.

Good work guys sometime later on today I will make another poll for next months gundam purchase. I still haven't ordered this month but ill explain later. Keep up the good work its nice to see at least 13 people come here and vote lol Don't forget the Youtube page @ More subscribers pushes me to make more videos! ^_^
On another note I have a couple videos in the mix just been busy with my kids and my other spirtual goals and such. But I haven't forgotten! I plan on making reviews on SD 00.
So remember up above when I kept saying I would explain later etc etc. Well here's what I was talking about. This weekend I was bored and I figured I would try and get Astrea Type F built while I await GSAM to get its act together. And as I should have stated before but might of forgotten, I am building Astrea with out any paint (maybe the V fin) and so far its coming out really nice. The Stickers for the orbs on the body gives the desired effect I wanted (kind of like thick smoke in a fish bowl) the stickers for the V fin might look terrible so I'm going to use them but first thing when I get my GMarkers is to touch that up. So right now Astrea is just sitting there Head/Arm/Legless ill post up pictures later. I was able to hit Target up and I got a shelf to put my models on. My son keeps trying to spider-man his way up the desk and get them but I showed him! lol so I will be setting that up probably tonight as well. It was less expensive for the shelf and it does its job which is keeping it away from my kids! I don't have to worry about my daughters much they are old enough to not destroy my models, my son on the other hand is younger and wants to be like me so he's quick to take my stuff.
I also noticed this on Ngee Khiong this morning maybe seen a couple days back though:
Whats that omg Sword Impulse Master Grade! yup yup April seeing how I don't order overseas I'm gonna have to wait for GSAM to get it in stock and I'll snatch that baby up or at least put it in the poll see what you guys want to see. On another note about the model wth is up with the grey weapons? please please please please don't do that I just hope its like a concept or something and they will come colored. Email me if you have a answer to this ^_^ So last but not least I will be ordering MG Destiny Gundam just waiting for the whole hoopla of GSAM's update to finish then I'm orering away! Oh and unless I say so I'm most always getting MG's or NG's I don't like 1/144's but I never had one so I'll try to throw a couple into the poll and see what they are like plus there cheaper can't knock that.

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  1. ive already pre-ordered the green frame but that should be one of the last things i get overseas since that doesnt seem to be the business right sucks cuz alot of these nice kits are released in april which is the month of my bday and all...damnit it!!