Friday, March 27, 2009

Ok so I have been thinking of what my next big kits will be because after this order I am saving up my money for Otakon. So here is my list of purchases for Apirl

1/144 Gadessa
SD Destiny Gundam
0 Raiser
Figma Saber Lily
2 Clear Stands

Now you might be saying OMG where is MG Force Impulse? Well after looking at the model again I noticed there wasn't any stand that came with it. After doing my MG Destiny I guess I had it in my head that all Master Grades came with stands lol. So I think its just all MG's that have wings have stands. Anywho I'm going to look at some more MG's that have stands and I might buy one but I'm thinking ill wait till when I go to otakon, at least there I can probally find a deal. This time around I want to get some more things to help out my exisiting collection. Also Gadessa comes with a stand and I'll buy 2 stands one for Arios and one for Avalanche. This is just a mock list I'm still looking around to see what else I can get. I also would like to try out the Metallic Blue Gundam Marker so some of my little supplies will go on as well.

Edit: I made it 2 Clear stands to make it cheaper and where my models are your not going to see the stand anyway.

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  1. wehn it comes to MG's with stands your not gonna have a whole lot of luck finding them, other then freedom, strike freedom, destiny, Z Gundam ver. 2.0, Hi Nu Gundam and maybe a few more i dont really know of your not gonna get a stand with any kits.