Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Madness

Ok so I finally got time to order my "last order" until Otakon. And I tried waiting for Gundam Store and More to update there site but man they are taking forever. They loosing mad cool points with me for not having there stuff updated and together.They were suppose to get a shippment in and its not updated on the site. And they have this 2-3 day processing which was kinda getting on my nerves as well. I will still keep them in mind when I buy my gunpla but for now I just have been using different company's to try them out.

First store was Anime King. A ebay store, when I contacted them about bulk orders they said if I emailed them they would send me a paypal invoice and then send me the items on the invoice. There pricing is pretty good 1 or 2 dollars more than GSAM and they are located in CA which for me the shipping was kinda fast but not as fast as GSAM AFTER the 2-3 day processing.

Second store I tried was Hobby Wave which has its points system, where you buy stuff they give you points etc for your next transaction. Hobby Wave is known for its 10 dollar flat rate shipping for anything 1 gundam 10 dollars 100 gundams shipping is still 10 dollars. One thing I hate about Hobby Wave is that fact that its store website isn't updated with pictures for everything, and it has alot of popular things out of stock. Just to let u guys know I would have brought any of the above MG's if they had them in stock >_<.

So what did I end up ordering?
HG 1/100 O-Raiser
Gundam Marker Metallic Gundam Blue
Gundam Marker Gundam Gray
Action Base 1/100 Sparkle Clear Green
HG 1/100 Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second L

I'm hoping that GM Metallic Blue marker matches my Tamiya Metallic Blue Spray paint if it does it will speed up the process of my blue runner parts :-) 0-Raiser I wasnt going to get but
with the season 2 ending I kinda wanted to see my current 00 current lol With the Raiser system. GM Gray well I need that period lol. Action base is for Arios and I got Blue Frame just because I had to get something else, with 10 dollar shipping I kinda felt cheated just buy grabbing a bunch of stuff that could of has less shipping. So I looked for a cheaper model I kinda didnt want a another SD until I got the big brother version of it. I don't know what ill do with my Raiser-less 00 if anyone wants to buy it lol 5 dollars + shipping ^_^

So as of right now I have a pretty extensive WIP.
Arios 1/100
SD Destiny
Gadessa 1/144
0 Raiser 1/100
Astray Blue Frame 1/100

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