Friday, April 3, 2009

Added somethings

Added a message box for everyone on the right hand side and my card.
Hope everyone uses the chat box. After looking at Ngee's Site I decided to sign up for
the chat box I will see how much its used to see if it stays or not.

I really enjoyed looking at his build for SD Destiny and I think I will definitely go that route to clean it up and paint it. I will be definitely purchasing some more Gundam Markers :-) I can't find any reviews for Arios except for Dalong's anyone ever have custom or painted Arios Gundam reviews?

I went to my local hobby town and they didn't have any Metallic Orange and it seems that its not made lol I would buy orange but I don't see myself painting anymore gundams that color anytime soon even if I brought that Orange Gouf.

Oh well back to the drawing board. Going to try and finish up Fate/Stay Night and start up on Hitman Reborn again. Both are great anime's btw.

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