Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Package... No Pics

I try to keep the blog filled with pictures but today I'm kinda busy at work. I have good news though my package from Hobby Wave came today and it looked like a small box but it had everything packed into it. At first I was going to wait before I opened it but I just had to look lol. Opened the box and bam I these were in there:

1/100 Blue Astray
1/100 0 Raiser (was in a small box I know the 0 Raiser is small lets hope its not the 1/144)
2 Gundam Markers Metallic Blue and Grey
Action Base Sparkle Green

W00t nice little haul there.
So now I gotta choose what to build next I'm thinking somewhere along the lines of

1/144 Gadessa
1/100 0 Raiser
1/100 Blue Astray
1/100 Arios
Action Base ^_^

lol I got the action base for Arios so i'll do those last and I put 0 Raiser and Blue Astray together because they both are getting a spray paint job done on them. Going back ill do Gadessa first just because im not really painting that much on it. And Arios is last I really want to find some paint or something to make it look good. I might grab the cheaper testors orange paint and use that. We will see :-)

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