Monday, April 20, 2009

G G G G gudam! See what I did thar?

Ok so I have some good news and bad news.

Good news I finished my 1/144 Gadessa and while on the stand still seems a bit big. As its my first 1/144 I am really happy and I think I will maybe buy some more 1/144's. I (hopefully) will be starting 0 Raiser today I want it to match 00 Gundam so I am spraying the blue parts Metallic Blue and maybe spraying the white parts Matte White like I did the first time with 00 Gundam. I took tons of pictures a full 360 and I would love to do a video review if I have time tonite.

Bad news. Its raining and really windy where I am so I dunno if I can get the spray painting done today. I might have a high chance of doing it in the hallway and just keeping the doors open but I dunno we will see. Although I took tons of pictures I left the camera at home somehow lol I swore I had it before I left for work. Anywho I'll try to get my wife to come and bring it by if shes not busy and bring the kids to eat at lunch.

Other than that after building Gadessa I might want Garazzo I dunno. Funny thing is when my nephew came over this weekend and saw my Gadessa he was like omg you have Jehuty. I was thrown like a good 9 years back and I was like omg I swore nobody played that game but me. What game? Zone of the Enders another great game made by Hideo Kajima aka Metal Gear Solid maker. Ah I miss Zone of the Enders almost made me impulse buy a ps2 seeing how my ps3 isn't backwards compat >_<

Now time to search for a Jehuty model kit :-)

On another note Tuesday April 21st Gundam Dynasty Warriors 2 Comes out I can't wait I hear that the pal version was released early darn u pirates >_< Wish it was NTSC ^_^

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  1. look at the linebarrel it looks more like jehuty