Thursday, April 2, 2009

Updated Poll

Ok so I just updated my poll at the top of the site. Last poll the two kits that won were SD Destiny and Arios. Which arrived yesterday. I will be putting those together soon.

Next poll which I admit has a big time frame because I want to save my money for Otakon in July. So my last purchase will be some supplies and 0 Raiser for my 00 gundam. Anywho here are the MG's I will try to get at Otakon (If they have them) If they don't then they don't lol.

Strike Freedom
God Gundam
Force Impulse
Wing Zero Custom

I think those are the only ones I want as far as Master Grades go. If they don't have them hopefully they will have some other things I can buy. I can't wait till I go though, now vote and who ever wins I will prioritize grabbing so you can see a finished product.

Love and Peace Out!

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