Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Avalanche Exia & Update

Ok so I was really busy last night and I'll probally be even more busy tonite and tommorrow so if anything I figured I would take a couple pictures of Avalanche Exia and a quick summary of the kit.
I had to steal the Action Base from Astrea. The Kit was so back heavy it stood up but after fiddling with it it would do a man split and we all know thats not good lol.
Astrea doing the I look too cool to care pose. He's doing really good standing up I think ill rearange my kits though when I get a chance with like everything from the same series in one spot.

Just a quick update though.
I tracked both my shipments and they should be here today. I got 3 packages coming.
My Dual Screen Setup at my house had a monitor fail. So Dell Sent me a new one.
I ordered one of these
Bandai Arios GN-007 Plus GNR-101A Gundam Figure for my son.
I don't think its HCM Pro but w/e
Took the picture off the ebay page

And Last but not least my order from AnimeKing should be here as well which is:
SD Destiny Gundam
1/100 Arios
1/144 Gadessa

W00t! And hopefully if GSAM updates there store this friday I will be ordering a 1/100
0 Raiser for my 00 gundam and some more stands. Then I'm going to try and register for Otakon and save save save

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