Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SD Destiny Mini Review PT 1

Ok so after tumbling around with my kids last night I finally got some time to start up on my SD Destiny. I made a unboxing video that you can take a look at on my youtube page(link to the left as well as the video to the left) And I took some pictures before after I painted. I'm planing on trying to make this look as much as like my Mg as possible. I won't be spray painting but I will be making all the colors true to the actual box picture. There were alot of parts not colored here's a list:

Skirt Armor
Sword (A.S.S)
Red part on the back pack gun
The Gun
Vulcan/Machine Guns on face
Chest and Colar

So I will be doing alot of painting. First off was the head.
All I did here was paint the machine guns chrome silver on the side and I panel lined in his face a bit.
Then I did the Anti Ship Sword, which came put pretty nice I keep seeing some kinda brown in the paint maybe after it drys ill do another coat. It was getting really sloppy after awhile but it came out pretty good. I used Gundam Seed Destiny Marker Light Blue.
Hands came white I was shaking my head like man alot of painting but the more you do it the more fun it becomes. I painted both hands silver like my MG to match. I think im going to try and find a black SD Stand so he can be flying etc just like the MG.
Panel lined the other parts of the wings I usually don't panel line feet but I was in a panel lining frenzy so I did. I don't have pics of the top of the wings but I tried painting them with gundam marker and it so didnt work. Was mad swipe lines etc so I tried with a Sharpie omg so not the right decision I got it to look all black but it looks terrible its like little pieces of something maybe the plastic peeled? I dunno but anyway I'm gonna either try sanding it down or just leaving it alone and paint the rest dark black or gunmetal. I'll have to buy the little bottle of gunmetal or black later on today if I get a chance.

But other than that Kit is nice I will figure out how to address the wing issue I got alot of painting to do. Some of the kit will be half done only because I don't have any grey gundam marker yet. I will buy a regular set later on hopefully at Otakon^_^ When I went to Katsucon there was 0 Gundam Markers so im going to Otakon thinking they don't have them will be a plus if they do.

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