Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quick Babble

Ok so I went to my HobbyTown store picked up some Testors Flat yellow and Flat Red and Metallic Blue Tamiya paint for my upcoming projects. I swear my last can is on its last sprays and I don't wanna get played when its gone and I'm like Nooooooo! as I can't finish my spray paint job. I also picked up some Tamiya Brushes mainly for the really really shin small brush for getting in those hard to reach spots. I'm still commited to doing the best looking cheap job I can on my gunpla, but some jobs just require some more tools. I could have done alot of kits better if I had some better tools. Sometime today or tommorrow I want to head the the beauty store. I heard that they have some nail file that never gets dull and I want to use that as my new file for filing down my nubs.
I was just thinking if 0 Gundam comes out before Otakon I might order that along with Figma Saber dunno yet though I haven't seen anything yet as far as new releases for Gundam. Its going to be crazy now that 00 has ended, hopefully alot of new kits will be released soon.

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