Thursday, April 23, 2009


Man I was on a roll last night. I had some free time and I got a bit more lighting in my video area and I just started recording like crazy I made like 6 new videos for youtube check em out!

I just finished a slide show review on 0 Raiser and 00 Raiser so that will be up in a couple minutes. I also took tons of pictures (same I used in video slide show) and I will be making a 0 Raiser post in a couple minutes with high res pictures.

Hopefully tonite I can start 1/100 Arios and knock that out by this weekend. I have been really thinking about buying Seravee and Cherudim I think if I can't grab my MG's at Otakon if they have Seravee and Cherudim I'll nab those instead and probally order 1 MG offline but I dunno we will see.

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