Thursday, April 2, 2009

HCM Pro Bandi Arios+GN Archer 1/200

Great Kit really I won it on ebay for 20 bucks. It came with 2 stands Arios 1/200 and GN Archer 1/200
I left Archer off Arios because I initially only wanted this kit for my son but Arios is really nice Archer is nice in MA mode but you can't change her into MS mode
shes permantly stuck all bunched up. So Ill keep Archer on the stand and take Arios off when my son wants to play with it. It came with two beam sabers
extra pair of open hands and the gun. Arios transforms into MA mode nicely too. Nicely painted you can tell it was painted on the runners. Oh I forgot to tell yo guys
Arios came pre assembled but Archer I had to put together kinda like a higher level of design for a gashapon. Love the kit and my son will too if anything I can leave it on my
shelf to show the MA mode of Arios.
I will make a youtube review probally Sat.

Oh and one more thing I see the kit goes for 40-50 with out shipping. Which IMO is a total rip off unless you don't want to build the reagular kits. If you build kits you probally better off grabbing
the 1/144 Arios and GN Archer for probally alot less and more poses etc. I only got this for my son and because it was 20 bucks bid started at 99 cent.

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