Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Update WIP Status

Ok so we I have a couple of updates on my projects just to keep you guys updated.

0 Raiser

Spray painted the whole kit even though its only like 5 runners and most of everything connects to each other so it was pretty easy. I wanted it to look perfect so I let it dry over night lol. Metallic blue/Matte White (like i did with 00) and Gun Metal. I have to re spray one of the blue pieces mainly the one that comes out of the wings parts. I have to spray the back of that and ill be done ill probally do that when I get home.
White parts are find so are the GunMetal parts so cool beans there. I would also like to paint the two holes (laser holes?) Chrome silver and I'm thinking of painting the cockpit chrome silver but its gunmetal already and its going to be behind 00 so it might not even matter. Then I'll be done and I'll take some pictures of it in MSA mode then attach to 00 Raiser. Hmmm actually I'll panel line 0 Raiser and 00 first.
It was raining pretty bad last night so I just painted and then went to bed I'll try to take a ton of pictures tonite if time permits.

Red Astray

I feel like I'm coming to the end of making all my kits and after Blue Astray and Arios is finished I'm going to take a break until either Otakon or when 1/144 0 Gundam comes out and just finish up some touch ups on my other kits. Almost all of them need panel lining or extra paint seeing how I didn't have it at sometimes. Which brings me to the heading Astray, even though I painted him he has no panel lining so I started on his legs and I'm going through the manual to see what other colors aren't there. I noticed that on the leg at the bottom there is color missing so I'll try to pick up some metallic red to do touch ups. And I also never got around to painting the sword so I'm also doing that with the gold testors paint and some red paint as well.

Blue Astray and Arios are next on my to-do list so hopefully 0 Raiser gets finished tonite and then sometime this week/end I will start on Arios. I think ill do Arios first because I'm not planing doing any major painting on him. And after those two kits are finished I will just go back and do extra panel lining and painting and then I'll take some more pictures.

Another little tidbit is that I'm planning on making like Icon's or something for each of my kits so when you click on them on the side bar it will take you to a Gallery and full text review on the kits something like dalong's site but in english maybe not that descriptive I'm not trying to take anyones place lol but just info that I thought was helpful for myself or at least info that I found out after getting the kit.

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